Treatment Trolley 8 Drawers

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Treatment Trolley 8 Drawers

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PERSOCAR Treatment Trolley 8 Drawers

Assembled structure with extruded anodized aluminium angulars and lateral and back walls in moulded plastic, colour green-turquoise.

Frontal place for drawers, 9+9 modules space.

Drawer Heights: 6 x 156mm, 2 x 236mm

Drawers 417x470 mm in injection moulded ABS plastic, high robust construction; frontal full-width handle complete with wide label holder and coloured ID tag (available in 9 colours: red, green, yellow, blue, violet, grey, orange, pink and white)

Drawers on mauve plastic frame sliding on ball-bearing rails, full-extended with self-closing system; load capacity 45 kg each drawer.

Central key-lock system for all drawers (as an alternative electronic lock-system)

Worktop in ABS moulded plastic, with three sides rim h. 48 mm and frontal anti-drop small rim.

Ergonomic push-handle on three sides with rounded edges.

Lateral extendable working surface in injection moulded ABS plastic.

Left side:

  • 3 transparent plastic tilt-out bins, opening 30°, removable for cleaning operations 
  • 3 integrated plastic small shelves colour green-turquoise.

Right side: suitable for various accessories and accessory rails.

Back side with built-in catheters/probes holder and accessories storage space (both with double opening for multiple lengths and removable front plate for easy cleaning); storage space for sharp containers, bottles, with fixing straps. 4 wheels Ø 150 mm, swivelling, non marking, anti thread with double ball-bearing, 2 with brakes.

Cart load capacity: 300 kg

If you require a more specific trolley, please contact us for a quote.

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Minimum Qty: 1
Qty Increments: 1
Delivery Time: 8 weeks