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About Standex Systems

Standex Systems Ltd is a dynamic and expanding company within the field of health and social services. We offer standardised and individualised products for our customers, suited to their needs and up to date with market development.

We customise and influence the handling of patient record systems. Our customers are mainly hospitals, nursing & residential homes, domiciliary care and general practitioner surgeries/ clinics.

We are also a supplier of clinical furniture and other related products in the healthcare sector. We have our own production, design and development facilities with skilled nursing staff. Standex Systems Ltd has a strong focus on product development and documentation systems and offers consulting services and training. We also provide in-house seminars.

Standex Systems successfully supports around 13,000 customers in UK, Germany and Austria as well as neighbouring European countries with professional products and services.

Bespoke solutions for re-development of healthcare records. Tailor made solutions for patient records and development of documentation systems, trolleys, files, filing systems and more.

Nursing & Care homes
Standard as well as uniquely designed systems. Implementation, analysis, training, auditing and much more.

Domiciliary Care
Patient records, mobile storage, standard as well as uniquely designed systems.

General Practitioner Surgeries/ Clinics
Products such as patient record storage, trolleys and waste disposal.

Standex Systems Mission:

With focus on individual needs in the healthcare sector, we design, deliver and implement systems that improve the handling of nursing/residential care records and patient medical records.

We add value to the market through an extensive knowledge about the individual customer and a market leading know-how regarding the documentation process.