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Care Plan Documentation - A CD ROM Guide

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A comprehensive guide on each form within the system, its purpose for inclusion, the evidence behind each and how they should be used (in line with CQC inspection criteria)

  • Can be kept on PC for reference and printed off if required
  • Should be referred to by staff
  • Especially useful for new members of staff unfamiliar with the care plan system

How to use care plan documents

Care plan documents are an essential part of any carer's role. It allows you to track the interactions you have with each service user, effectively monitor their progress, feelings and medical requirements along with their safety wellbeing. Not only does this reduce miscommunication, but it allows different carers and professionals to easily bring themselves upto date with the service user's current health and progress status.

The NHS and private sector healthcare industries are often calling for improvements to the way in which elderly and disabled residents are cared for, particularly putting emphasis on delivering a more personal service and extending their independence through careful planning and pro-active plans. We've spent time working with many organisations to develop a documentation system that helps you achieve this.

This CD-ROM provides a complete, structured run-through of the documents within the care plan system from Standex, how each form works, and best practices for ensuring efficient use.

Minimum Qty: 1
Qty Increments: 1