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Care Planning Training - 2hr Session

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An overview of how to use all of the documents within the care planning system.

The training familiarises staff with all of the documents they will be using in your care planning and resident care role. The 2 hour training session ensures that you are meeting requirements of the CQC to ensure that the service you provide to residents and patients is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led. Care planning is an essential tool in any domicilliary, care assistant or RGN role, and our comprehensive mini course in care planning talks you through everything you need to know.

We create bespoke documentation for the care home sector, inpatients, outpatients, risk assessments and daily plans to make it easier for those people looking after the elderly, disabled or sick can focus on providing great personal care, and less time spent on paperwork.

Creating a care plan

What you will learn on this mini course

  • The benefits of using our care plan system
  • Learn about the Care Quality Commission and their role in inspection
  • Get detailed descriptions of each form
  • Look at evidence-based tools that are used
  • How to ensure the staff are confident in using the system
  • The importance of consent, mental capacity, safeguarding, person centred care planning, evaluations, reviews and auditing
  • An introduction to the reference tools available such as Documentation Guides and Handbooks
  • Informal sessions encouraging staff to ask questions (adopting ‘no question is a bad question’ ethos)
  • Certificates provided
Minimum Qty: 1
Qty Increments: 1