Frequently asked questions about our product range

Q – How do I find out more about a product or service provided by Standex Systems Ltd?

A – You can contact our dedicated customer service team on 01604 646633 or by email  Alternatively you contact your dedicated business manager for your area or go to the online shop and order direct.

Q - Do Standex Systems provide sample / trial products for new and existing customers?

A - Yes, we provide sample / trial products from our range of carts & trolleys. It may not always correspond to the exact model or specification you require, because we can only keep a limited number of demonstration carts and trolleys in stock.  However it will give you an idea regarding the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the products.

Q – Does Standex Systems provide sample laundry and waste collectors?

A – It is not best practice to provide laundry and waste collectors as trials due to the high risk of cross infection. However our experienced business managers can come to your establishment and show you a demonstration product. Please arrange an appointment directly with us so that we can demonstrate the desired products.

Q - How long can you trial a product for?

A - For carts and trolleys and most other products we advise a 2-4 week trial period.
Q - Can I buy the products from other companies or dealers?

A - We co-operate with other carefully selected companies within the healthcare industry. However, please note that we cannot accept any consulting and advisory services for the supplier in this case.  

We are always interested in other companies who may be looking to work with Standex Systems Ltd. If you are one of these companies please contact to find out more.

Q - How long is the average delivery time once a product or products have been ordered?

A - With our bespoke storage system such as our CareVan range, delivery time is 4-8 weeks. Files, folders and documentation which are stock products and stored in our warehouse, can be delivered in a few days. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Q What can I do if I have ordered the wrong product, or received a damaged product?

A - Please contact our Customer Service department on +44 (0)1604 646633 or send an e-mail to  Alternatively you can contact your dedicated business manager directly. This allows a quick and easy resolution to your query.

Q Have all products got the same guarantee or warranty period?

A - Some of our products such as our CareVan range have an extended 5 years warranty.  Other ranges of trolleys and carts have a 2 year warranty.  

Q - How does the Standex Care Planning System conform to national standards, requirement and regulations?

A - We have a dedicated nurse advisor who ensures that all the documentation is up to date with current legislation, Care Quality Commission/Local Authority requirements and nursing best practice. The care planning system is regularly reviewed and updated accordingly. Customers automatically get the most up to date form when ordering and will be informed if there have been any changes. If a change in legislation rendered a form invalid then each customer would be notified and the alternative offered. In general forms are updated to allow for extra information that is required in line with best practice as opposed to being invalid. These updates can happen anything from yearly to five yearly and are never made unnecessarily.

Q – Do Standex Systems Ltd provide training and support on the documentation systems?

A – Standex Systems Ltd has for many years had its own continuing education division. This support includes a nurse advisor (RGN) with a wealth of care planning knowledge and experience who trains our dedicated business managers to conduct training on the Standex documentation systems. The training courses and workshops take place at the client’s establishment and run for approximately 2 hours. They enable the staff to learn how to use the care planning system efficiently, effectively and correctly.

Q – What other support is available for effective care planning?

A - There are a number of items that support the care planning process. We have handbooks available that look at care planning and provide help and assistance for staff to fill out care plans correctly. There is also a Documentation Guide that goes through all the forms that we provide and explains each form in detail and the reason for using it within the system.

Q – Is it possible to develop individualised forms for my organisation?

A - Yes, this is something we have done for many nursing and residential homes as well as both private and NHS hospitals as we offer a cost effective service. The process is completely managed by ourselves and we work in close contact with key staff to ensure we provide you with your exact requirements whether this is one form or a whole new system. Please arrange an appointment directly with us so that we can discuss the process.