Frequently asked questions about our product range

How do I find out more about a product or service provided by Standex Systems Ltd?

You can contact our dedicated customer service team on 01604 646633 or by email . Alternatively you contact your dedicated business manager for your area or go to the online shop and order direct.

Can I buy the products from other companies or dealers?

Standex Systems Limited are the sole supplier of Francehopital products in the United Kingdom, and those products are labelled as such on our website and on any quotations we may send you.


We co-operate with other carefully selected companies within the healthcare industry. However, please note that we cannot accept any consulting and advisory services for the supplier in this case.


We are always interested in other companies who may be looking to work with Standex Systems Ltd. If you are one of these companies please contact to find out more.

How long is the average delivery time once a product or products have been ordered?

With our bespoke storage system such as our CareVan range, or products from Francehopital, delivery time is 4-8 weeks. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

What can I do if I have ordered the wrong product, or received a damaged product?

Please contact our Customer Service department on +44 (0)1604 646633 or send an e-mail to .  Alternatively you can contact your dedicated business manager directly. This allows a quick and easy resolution to your query.

Have all products got the same guarantee or warranty period?

Some of our products such as our CareVan range have an extended 5 years warranty. Other ranges of trolleys and carts have a 2 year warranty.

What is an IT or COW Trolley?

Computer on Wheels (COW) hospital trolleys are a popular solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities looking to provide mobile computing to medical professionals. The benefits of using COW trolleys include increased efficiency, reduced clutter, and improved patient care.


One of the key features of our COW trolleys is their lightweight and mobile design. This allows medical professionals to move the trolleys easily around the hospital or clinic, making it easier to provide care to patients in various locations.


The hidden cables feature is also essential, as it helps to reduce clutter in the hospital or clinic, making it safer for patients and staff to move around. This feature also ensures that the cables are well protected from damage, which can help extend the life of the trolleys and reduce maintenance costs.


In addition, the provision of space for a medical-grade keyboard and mouse is crucial in ensuring that the trolleys meet the high standards required in a clinical environment. Medical-grade keyboards and mice are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including exposure to liquids and chemicals, and are also easy to disinfect, ensuring they are safe to use.


Overall, the use of COW trolleys can help to improve the delivery of patient care and streamline workflow in hospitals and clinics.

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