Hygiene products for the health and social care sector.

  • Sharps Bin
  • Glove Holder
  • Antibacterial Gel Holder
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Paper Towel Dispensers


Antibacterial Gel Dispenser

Having an effective hand washing procedure in place in a healthcare environment, whether this is a hospital, nursing home or in a home care setting is one of the best methods to combat the threat of infection and MRSA. Our practical infection prevention solutions can help with reducing infection alongside following a hygienic plan or procedure in your healthcare institution. 

Some of our most popular products include of disinfectant dispensers available in a range of different sizes and shapes for use throughout hospitals improving overall and helping to keep hands sanitised. Standex Systems also supplies a number of hospitals with glove dispensing solutions and holders, some more of our products include alcohol gel and paper towel dispensing.

Sharps Bin for Hospitals, Medical Centres & Care Homes

Effectively dispose of your potentially dangerous medical waste with our fantastic durable sharps bins. Designed specifically for special waste disposal, they feature easy-lock tops for fast and safe transportation of used needles and are a low-cost option for both small to large medical centres and care homes