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Care Home Training & Education

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If you looking to improve your skills as a competent and thorough carer, we offer a step by step guide to care planning in care and residential homes. Suitable for both healthcare assistants, managers and senior nurses, it has prompts for the need, goal and support required for each activity of daily living, including a section on end of life care. Examples are given of individual care plans for each activity with a section on what to write in the evaluation and review.

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Literature for Health Care & Care Planning

Having the correct and formal documentation can help improve the efficiency and record keeping for your healthcare establishment. Help keep track of patient visitors for a log and for fire safety purposes.

The care-planning handbook gives examples of care plans and reporting, evaluation and review guidelines, with prompts for the goals and support required. Contact us if you are looking for advice on care planning documentation and literature to help in the running of your care home, hospital or health care institution.

Standex Bespoke Care Plan Documentation

We pride ourselves in being one of the country's leading suppliers of bespoke care documentation to improve efficiency in the workplace and allowing you to spend more time with residents and service users, rather than buried in paperwork! We've crafted unique forms, report sheets, care logs, sleep forms and bespoke printed sheets to carefully help you record your daily observations. But with so many different sheets and forms available, it can be hard to know exactly what you need. Our care planning handbook and documentation guide will take you through the process of filling out each form and can be the perfect accessory for training your care staff and improving care users quality of life.