Care Planning Documentation

Care Planning Documentation

Documentation for Nursing and Residential Homes

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We can develop individual forms for you! Please do not hesitate to ask!

Hospital & Healthcare Documentation

Our experience working with healthcare professionals has enabled us to design some of the most important elements of everyday working life. Improving organisational systems, being able to quickly identify documents through colour-coding and combining all aspects of traceability into a filing system to be proud of! Not only do we offer a range of pre-formatted and proven layouts for you to buy online, but our team of product designers are able to work with you to create files and forms for wards, specialist surgeries or care environments.

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Nursing & Elderly Care Documentation

For tailor made hospital documentation view our bespoke standardised patient documents, for home care visitors we have a choice of domiciliary care records. Alternatively for residential homes and nursing care, view our documentation here. Standex Systems have clients throughout Europe, with over 2000 clients in the UK alone.

Nursing Documentation for Clinics and Hospitals

Nursing documentation in hospitals is strictly regulated and has to be carried out meticulously. The form systems we supply at Standex, provides everything that is needed for extensive documentation of inpatient and outpatient care. Treatment steps can be recorded efficiently to compile a comprehensive list of every step taken throughout the patients journey. Of course, we can also create individual clinical forms that correspond exactly to your specific needs. Simply get in touch with us, we will advise you.

Electronic Care Documentation

The newest software solution to revolutionise the way you work! Our care home software called e-plan runs on a robust tablet pc, ready for you to take with you on your rounds and document all the daily routines, care requirements and patient issues you need to stay on top.

While our e-plan care software is a welcome break from paperwork, there are many institutions that still require forms, audits and charts to document patient stay, care plans, lunch plans and more importantly liability. For effectively organising of your day to day care solutions, there's no better feeling than having all your documents colour-coded, the same size and printed professionally instead of those photocopies of photocopies!