Medication Solutions

Medication Solutions

Medication Dispensing Solutions:

  • Drugs cabinets

Medication Solutions

We offer an extensive range of solutions for effective delivery of tablets and pills, and a range of disposal bins for sharps/needles. For storage of medication, our exclusive drugs cabinet range is ultra hygienic and portable.

Medication Storage and Dispensing Products

When running a healthcare establishment in the form of a hospital or care home, medicine, tablets and needles are commonly used throughout the course of the day, whether it may be for the secure storage, safe disposal or better way to dispense items, making the process easier for staff will be of benefit to the safety of your institution.

Medication Cabinets for Safe Storage

Standex Systems provide a number of systems to help improve the way you store medical equipment with medication cabinets for secure storage of large quantities of medicines, as well as practical dispensing systems aimed to improve the way that nurses can give to patients. For hygienic disposal we have a number of medical disposal solutions that may cater to your needs. Contact us here at Standex if you have any questions or would like to discuss practical solutions to your healthcare needs. 

Drugs trays & medication delivery

We have a wide range of reusable and disposable trays and dispensers for effectively delivering patient medication. Suitable for both small healthcare establishments such as clinics, care homes and nursing homes, to larger wards and hospitals. From liquid medicine pots to tablet trays, we're sure to have the right med products to replenish your surgery, medical centre or therapy centre's cupboards.