Healthcare Trolleys & Carts

Healthcare Trolleys & Carts

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Healthcare Trolleys & Carts

Hospital & Nursing Trolleys for healthcare and surgery

The diverse range of accessories for our service trolleys means you can configure our portable storage range to suit your needs. Add in: dropping trays, drawers, tool airdrops and armrests to make these trolley systems fit around you, giving you flexibility to configure your individual utility trolley for a very specific purpose.

Offering you an amazing range of the higest quality and best built equipment for all healthcare needs

PRECISO - Mobile utility trolley

Creativity meets innovation

The general purpose trolley is borne through precision, creativity, innovation and imagination. Especially designed for use in hospitals and clinics the PRECISO Utility Carts meet the high demands of health, hospital and social care. The PRECISO multipurpose trolley offers several accessories such as modular drawer and tool systems, shelves or disposal containers which allow plenty of room for individuality.

These trolleys can be utlised in practically any part of the hospital. From resus trolleys to medication trolleys the configurations can be adapted to meet your needs. Added to that you can have many various accessories for storage of syringes, oxygen tanks, sharps bins etc. These trolleys are hard wearing to best meet the needs of a busy hospital setting. The Preciso trolleys are excellent at limiting infection control. They are lightweight yet sturdy and are portable. The trolleys can come in different colours to help staff identify its use in emergency situations. These trolleys are lockable, making sure the contents are secure.

Utility Carts CS-series

The stainless steel trolley

Our general-purpose trolleys are made of stainless steel are renowned for their durability and their handling. Whether in hospitals and clinics for the sterile surgical environment, or as a service truck or laundry trolley in nursing homes, the multipurpose CS-series can be used almost anywhere.The units are available in different versions. One, two or three shelves or one to four drawers, this robust and heavy-duty trolley can be very equipped for many areas of the care environment and is built to last.

PC Utility Carts

General purpose trolleys made of stainless steel and polymer

The multipurpose carts in the PC series are ideally suited for use in hospitals and clinics as well as in surgical practices. The carcass and the drawers are made of stainless steel to ensure an antibacterial finish. The integrated central locking system protects the multi-purpose trolley from unauthorised third party access.Internal drawer divider, height adjustable shelves or transparent tilting make working with the utility trolley second nature. Even external accessories such as waste collectors or chute systems can be mounted without any problems.

CareVan Notes Trolleys

Used primarily for the transporting and safe, secure storage of patient notes and files. These hard wearing trolleys are engineered to meet the demands of the care sector. Different configurations can be designed so that each CareVan can meet the specific needs of the home. They are ergonomic and lightweight as well as being strong and durable. Accessories such as lap top trays, storage drawers and storage boxes can be added to the CareVan to make this a truly versatile piece of equipment. These trolleys are lockable, making sure the contents are secure.

Multipurpose trolleys for all areas of the hospital

Whether it's a clinicially clean PC workstation crafted from stainless steel or a practical and portable storage unit like the PRECISO, Variocar and Swingo, our broad product selection has the right utility cart for each facility, office and clinic.

The benefits of multi-purpose carts of standex systems are:

  • Versatile use in health and social services
  • Specific handling by various accessories
  • Quality, functionality and flexibility perfectly combined

Our trolleys have been created with functionality in mind, using some of the best components and materials available on the market, from leading brands. The choice of hospital trolleys available caters for a wide variety of uses, for document storage, for use for medical equipment, providing hygienic and practical storage.  As well as a number of stainless steel trolleys for a variety of different functions.