Waste and Laundry

Laundry Trolleys

Robust & hygienic - a portable solution for storing and moving laundry across around busy healthcare environments.

Waste Management

Portable waste trolleys for cleaning staff & care homes.

Waste and Laundry

Laundry Trolleys for Healthcare & Hospitals

Standex Systems Provide solutions for laundry collection, disposal and laundry organization. Whether you are looking for a laundry bag multiple collectors or a place for organising clean laundry and clothing, we can Provide the ideal products for your healthcare needs. Stack stock accessories for easy and hygienic waste and linen storage as well as a number of waste management solutions all available within the UK from our online shop.

Pedal-Operated Waste Trolleys – Stay Hygienic

Our waste trolleys are designed and manufactured with hygiene in mind, reducing the chances of contamination throughout your healthcare institution. For wash and waste options we have combined trolleys used for laundry and waste disposal.  Contact us if you have questions about our product, Standex Systems have over 2,000 clients throughout the UK, with thousands more across Europe. 

Hospital and Healthcare approved

All our laundry trolleys are crafted from the strongest materials and are engineered to stand the test of time. They’re hard-wearing, ergonomically designed with the user in mind. Both laundry and waste units can help to minimise the spread of infection as they have minimal surface area for harbouring nasty bugs. Pedal-operation can further minimise the spread of germs for hands-free operation. The wheels are omni-directional for maneuverability and do not lock, allowing any member of staff to move them in an instant and without them causing injury if left in the way. Each trolley is lightweight, yet sturdy, and brightly coloured elements help to easily identify types of waste/washing.

The right product for your laundry collection

Our laundry collection systems not only feature thoughtful structures, but boast high quality and durable materials. The frames are 20mm stainless steel tubes and are mounted on easy-turn and heavy-duty wheels. On request, the laundry sorter can also be ordered with wheel brake for safe parking. You can also further customise your trolley with the addition of a push handle for easier handling. The laundry bag or laundry basket fits securly with gripping rings made of polypropylene and can be transported safely. You can also choose the colours of the lids for your single, double, triple or quadruple collector. Organise your laundry and waste system visually and quickly by assigning each colour to a type of laundry - whites, non-colorfast, linens to improve efficiency and productivity.

Practical combinations for waste and wash areas

Should you need laundry collectors with multiple jigs or more bags added to a waste collector, we are happy to provide you with the appropriate collectors but include a connector plate which can attach to the stainless steel construction in place of wheels. For a combination of laundry and waste collectors, we offer a solution that includes a laundry bag with welded waste bin to be very efficient. The model CBW30L three gripping rings for laundry bags and an additional device for collecting waste for example, are available. Any accessories such as laundry bags, additional cover or foot brakes can also be obtained to match your laundry collectors. If there is something you require specifically, or a combination of any of the above products, you can contact us about the many possibilities we have to offer for laundry transport and linen organisation.