Medical Waste Bins

Waste Collectors:

  • Made from stainless steel and plastic 
  • Ensuring durability
  • Guarantee strong infection control
  • Knee-operated lids for ease of use

Medical Waste Bins

Waste Management Trolleys & Collectors

Getting rid of waste, in the most hygienic and efficient way as possible is key when keeping a hospital care home free from infection. Standex Systems provide a choice of waste collection and waste management solutions. These include knee operated hanging waste collectors, pedal operated stainless steel containers, for use throughout wards and treatment rooms.

Perfect your waste logistics with our waste collectors

Devices of all kinds are in use within your nursing facility, be it a nursing home, a rehabilitation center or a hospital, all of which have to be hygienically clean. We offer a similarly hygienic solution for your waste management. In busy care environments it's essential to minimise the spread of germs, and by using our hygienic, fast and efficient separation and disposal solutions, you can be sure your waste is dealt with just as effectively. The waste bins we supply are well thought-out tools that meet the needs of staff in hospitals and other medical facilities, offering functionality and a 100% hygienic operation.

Mobile Waste Collection

For more mobile options there are waste management trollies available and polypropylene clipper waste collectors, with colour-coded lids for different types of waste.

One of the great many features of our waste collectors is their mobility. They're provided with rollers that allows easy transportation and an immediate disposal of waste. The 'Wasty' waste collectors meet the highest hygiene standards and are practical , robust and stable during use. They are manufactured from high quality steel tube and easy turning brass rollers on two or four legs, enable effortless relocation. The rubbish bag is secured by a self-closing waste bag holder. The self-closing lids mean you're also reducing the spread of germs. In addition to the frame and lids, the Wasty waste bin is provided with a plastic base plate on which to rest waste bags, preventing splits or leakage. For immediate waste separation, the Wasty waste collector is available as a 2-way model enabling faster sorting of hospital waste at the source.

Clinical & Medical Waste Bins

Our medical waste bins are the perfect solutions for a range of healthcare industries, from small doctors surgeries to busy hospital wards, we have a range of shapes and sizes to suit both budget and workspace. Our stainless steel bins are pedal-operated and built to stand the test of time in busy areas of your clinic, chemist or veterinary practice, creating a clean and germ-free environment. For larger establishments where waste is collected and moved more frequently you might want to consider the complete waste management trolley for janitors and cleaning staff to efficiently maintain your waste. Again, these are robust units, designed to take knocks and bangs, with 2, 3 or 4 compartments to store plastic bin containers.

Bin bag trolleys

The CB range of waste collector trolleys minimises handling of hospital waste by allowing the user to deal only with the tops of each rubbish bag. No more struggling to remove bags that have been packed to heavily, these mobile and solid frames can hold upto 4 disposable bags with colour coded lids and pedal operation for constant use.

Wally & Maxi Waste Wally

These are some of our best-selling waste management products, and can be mounted on the wall or even a trolley. They have knee-operated lids ensuring maximum infection control, hygiene and safety and are useful in both hospitals and care home environments as well as clinical areas, kitchens and residents rooms. Versatile and durable, they have a waste capacity of 8 litres, upto a massive 20 litres ensuring that all your waste needs are taken care of.

The busy hallways of a clinic or hospital are often cluttered enough with patients, trolleys and equipment. Minimising the distance to a bin and maximising waste disposal, the Wally waste bin can be attached to walls and treatment trolleys and is always ready. The innovative knee opening-mechanism means your hands never need to touch the bin itself, allowing you to continue treatment without needing to re-wash. Add these bins to every corner and on every floor to give staff ample opportunities to dispose of waste immediately and hygienically. For busier areas, the Clipper waste collectors are available with five different lid colors, so that waste separation and disposal can be organized hygienically and in an environmentally friendly way. Fireproof.