Wally waste collector:

  • Hanging waste collector
  • Knee operated opening system
  • Mounted to a wall or trolley,
  • Easily be disassembled and reassembled
  • Knee operated opening system allows maximum hygiene and safety

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Hanging Waste Collectors – Knee Operated

The Wally waste collector offers a clean and efficient system for disposal of general hospital and healthcare waste.  A Wally bin can be mounted to a nursing trolley or wall, and can be easily removed, disassembled and reassembled.

This unique design offers a knee operated opening system, allowing maximum hygiene and safety. This is an ideal solution for use in nursing homes and hospitals, with a number of healthcare institutions using them throughout the UK. 

Multi-use Knee-operated bins

These bins are ideal for using anywhere within your care home, hospital, surgery ,kitchens or even the garage! Perfect for the surgery or treatment areas where frequent hand-washing can add unnecessary time to the task . It can be mounted to a wall or trolley and has an internal bin which can be removed for easy access and disposal of contents. The unique knee-operated opening system maximises infection control, reduces hand washes during a messy job and provides a sturdy and easy-to-clean solution for waste disposal. There are currently 4 colour combinations of Wally, grey-blue, grey-green, white and grey-grey, each are provided with flats for fixing the waste bags to ensure a mess-free change. The larger Maxi Wally has a larger capacity of 20 litres for busier areas. Both are great value systems and have been the choice of many care homes, hospitals and clinics across Europe.