Bariatric Solutions

Obesity Chairs

Specially designed for obesity patients and larger service users who require more room than standard furniture allows

Obesity Scales

Industrial scales to allow effective and accurate weighing of obese service users

Bariatric Solutions

Bariatric Equipment & Obesity Furniture

The need for using XXL furniture in a healthcare centre can really help improve the quality of life for patients suffering from obesity. Our choice of bariatric solutions can cater for a variety of needs throughout a care or residential home.  Obesity furniture can hold up to 300kg, ensuring that overweight or obese category people are safe on these chairs. These include commodes and shower chairs designed to aid in hygiene.

Bariatric Scales

Bariatric scales are designed primarily to make the act of measuring weight easier for obese or overweight people, as well as giving an accurate method for healthcare centres to assess and review patient’s weight. There are options that can be used for supports, with handrails and wheelchair access making this a good choice for healthcare providers.

Bariatric Armchair & Office Chairs

Alongside seats designed to make hygiene a little easier for obese and overweight sufferers we have a choice of seating for use in public places such as waiting rooms, office spaces or for lounging around at home, made out of robust materials with a high carrying capacity.