Dementia Care

Dementia Care

Dementia Care - this range of products has been specially designed to:

  • Cater for Memory / Dementia Patients
  • Enhance environments
  • Provide stimulation and communication aids 
  • Enhance patient / residents experience
  • Prolong Independence
  • Reduce Anxiety

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Dementia Care Products to Enhance Stimulation & Communication 

Standex Systems supply a number of items designed to aid and help with the ongoing care given to elderly patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and patients suffering from other cognitive and memory health issues.

The selection of products are used to enhance patients experience with their environment as well as helping to provide stimulation and communication for dementia sufferers.  These include items and devices and signage used to help with identifying rooms throughout a residential home, room identification accessories to provide a more comfortable and homely environment for elderly patients. Some of the items used for communication include pain assessment charts, aimed to provide additional tools for communication.

About Dementia

Dementia has a range of symptoms from minor memory problems in early onset, to disorientation, confusion and occasional wandering as the brain condition worsens. As there is no cure, carers and healthcare professionals are often tasked with ways to improve the quality of life for those suffering the effects of dementia. Helping sufferers identify all the rooms within a care home, hospital or even at home can help to reduce the frustration and upset that can occur from memory loss or apparent forgetfulness.

Solutions for dementia and alzheimers

Hi-visibility signs are designed to stimulate the senses and reduce confusion. Their bold colours and large text attract attention, while the images that appear on each door give a visual reminder of what's in the room. There can also be a number of obstacles visiting the bathroom, and hi-vis grab rails and toilet seats can be a useful reminder as well as providing stability and support for frail or elderly patients. Sufferers can also have anxiety issues with going to the toilet, so ensuring a comfortable experience with toilet seats and toilet frames can often improve this experience.

Ways to improve life for dementia patients

Special crockery with larger handled cups for weak hands can also be a welcome addition to the dining experience, making everyday tasks less of a struggle. Plastic crockery can minimise mess when accidents occur, maintaining a safe environment for staff and service users at dinnertime. On these pages, we have a range of products available from hi-visibility signs to crockery, bathroom accessories and more.