Dining Range

Our Dementia Dining Range:

  • Specialist crockery in 3 different colours
  • Include non spill cups with lids
  • Made from unbreakable Triton
  • Side plates, main plates and bowls
  • Manufactured from a high quality melamine
  • Similar feel to traditional porcelain products
  • Replica glassware for maintained dignity

Dining Range

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Brightly coloured, super-strong tableware for nursing homes

Our range of melamine tableware and Triton glassware is a welcome addition to any care environment, where safety is a priority and maintaining dignity of residents is paramount. From non-spill cups, brightly coloured to create visual cues for wandering minds, to glassware that is virtually unbreakable and allows accidents to become a less traumatic experience. Large handles on the mugs and ridges on the plates ensure a good grip for weaker hands and the defined areas help avoid sticky fingers.

Sturdy, unbreakable and colourful crockery for dementia care

Improving the quality of life for residents and patients with dementia is always at the forefront of many healthcare professionals' minds, and with a few careful additions to everyday life, you can help retain their independence by giving the opportunity to hold their own drinks, maintain their daily routines and avoid unwanted smashes and injuries when accidents occur.

Non-spill cups and glasses for adults with mental health issues or dementia

We offer a superb range of drinking vessels, all manufactured from super strong materials to avoid shattering or sharp edges in accidents. The coloured plastic-type cups and mugs are made from melamine and can withstand the strongest of impacts, while the glassware is beautifully crafted from Triton, a tempered glass product developed and manufactured in the U.S.