Toilet and Bathroom

Use these to:

  • Maintain client's dignity
  • Enhance safety and stability for elderly patients
  • Create visual cues using colour for everyday tasks

Toilet and Bathroom

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Dementia toilet aids to reduce confusion & maintain independence

Hi visibility, strong coloured solutions give a visual cue to end-users indicating the use of their own bathroom or a general, shared facility using colour. These are especially helpful for those who have limited mobility, so enabling them to maintain their own personal routine for longer maintains their dignity and independence as much as possible. The wipe-clean surface has a smooth plastic finish, making it both comfortable and hygienic, with a spacious cut-out to allow personal cleaning.

Bath and shower solutions for dementia sufferers

Anxiety in memory loss patients and residents can often be caused by close personal contact, particularly when washing or showering where embarrassment can still be an issue, yet they are unable to perform the tasks themselves. Providing shower seats and boldly coloured grab rails can minimise the need for prolonged standing, giving sufferers the time they need to relax and enjoy the comfort and independence they deserve.

Toilet frames for care homes & dementia

Our strong toilet frames offer a welcome addition to most toilet installations, giving the users a sturdy framework to grip onto while moving from a wheelchair or standing position. The frames are sturdy metal tube construction with rubber feet for non-slip grip available with or without seat.