Pack of 3 handbooks

  • Pack of 3 handbooks

Mental Capacity Handbook, Daily Reporting Handbook and Care Planning Handbook - Pack of 3

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Pack of 3 consists of one of each of the below:

Mental Capacity Handbook - 21.427

A step by step guide for nurses and carers in assessing mental capacity.
The handbook is an essential resource for staff dealing with service users who may at
times lack capacity, and the best course of action to take in line with the Mental Capacity
Act 2005.
It looks at numerous scenarios and gives examples of the decision to be made in each
case and what steps were taken. Demonstrating that service users make their own
decisions where possible, and if unable, care is planned in their best interests in the least
restrictive way possible.
Daily Report Handbook - 21.393
The Daily Report Handbook is an essential reference tool for all staff involved in daily reporting. It has examples for each activity of daily living as well as general examples of what daily reports should look like.
No more ‘slept well’ and ‘good day’, instead examples of wording that truly reflects the excellent care given by staff.
Care Planning Handbook - 21.284

If you looking to improve your skills as a competent and thorough carer, we offer a step by step guide to care planning in care and residential homes. Suitable for both healthcare assistants, managers and senior nurses, it has prompts for the need, goal and support required for each activity of daily living, including a section on end of life care. Examples are given of individual care plans for each activity with a section on what to write in the evaluation and review.

Fits neatly into your pocket too!

Minimum Qty: 1
Qty Increments: 1
Delivery Time: 2-3 days

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