IT Trolleys

IT Trolleys

These IT Trolleys are designed specifically to be used with PCs or laptops within a medical environment, making them an excellent piece of equipment for hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Our Computer on Wheels hospital trolleys (COW) are light and mobile, with hidden cables to reduce clutter, and have space for a medical grade keyboard and mouse.

Some models come with a carryall basket for storage of files or medical records, so everything is at hand.

Our eWork IT Trolleys are based on existing trolleys from Preciso or Presto and converted into full working IT stations. These IT Trolleys come with many different options such as an overbridge, pull-out shelves, medical grade keyboard and mouse, accessory tube with an articulated VESA arm for the screen, keyboard-mouse tray and side drawer, plus much more.

All of our IT Trolleys comply with the hygiene requirements of the healthcare environment, and are easily cleaned for complete sanitisation.

Call 01604 646633 for details of all the options available to you.