Product Innovations

Product Innovations



At Standex Systems Ltd we work with a simple ethos of 'Less Admin More Care'. Our ongoing mission is to provide a robust and comprehensive care recording system that allows care staff to evidence the care they are providing in a timely manner and with ease.


Innovative new products for Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Medical Centres

We're constantly on the lookout for new products and solutions to improve the daily care of patients and service users and to make work life easier for the hard working nurses and carers that are the backbone of the industry. Here are some of the latest innovations we are proud to include in our catalogue.

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Hospital signage, displays & message boards

For busy hospital and healthcare environments, it's often reassuring for residents and patients to know who they have spoken to, who is dealing with their issue and who else would be able to answer any queries. Our staff photo boards are a great visual way of quickly identifying each team member's role within the ward, care home or hospital and work as a great tool for dementia care environments.

Retractable key fob clips

Every organisation should have these! A great way to quickly access your electronic door tag or security card without needing to delve into those already bulging pockets!

ePlan electronic care planning system

Our ePlan system is cloud based and has the same comprehensive nature as our documentation but in a more modern and intuitive function, allowing staff to put the service user at the centre of the care they are providing and helping the home and management to ensure excellent outcomes and ongoing positive inspections.