Door Decal / Self Adhesive Vinyl Door Cover

Door Decal / Self Adhesive Vinyl Door Cover

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Door-Cals transform a plain, flat, internal door to create the appearance of the distinctive entrance to someone’s home. They are a low-cost, fast-turnaround, attractive way to introduce differentiation into a corridor where all doors previously looked the same. This strategy can be truly enabling for someone who has difficulty, or lacks confidence identifying the door to their own room. It also reduces the incidences of people entering the wrong room thinking it is their own.

When choosing colours for Door-Cals, contrast is a key consideration. Colours don’t need to be bright and garish, but they should be distinguishable and contrast with the immediate surroundings. Door-Cals are fire-rated and laminated so they’re resilient to impact and chemical cleaning products. Choose a colour form the swatch, or specify your own at no extra cost.

“The door cals have made a huge difference, they look fantastic and everyone comments on how much they love them.” Rose Kelly, Manager for Risedale Estates.


Panel Size 2115x980mm – 2 panel and 6 panels