Presto large multirole trolley

Presto large multirole trolley

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A true workhorse among hospital trolleys: for therapy rounds and all daily activities, with 600 mm FH-Drawers and 3 handy shelves.

A light structure
Assembled structure: extruded anodized aluminum posts with multilayer side and back panels.

The unique transportable FH-Drawer
The front of the trolley holds the drawers: there is room for 9 modules. This means any combination of our 1, 2, 3 and 4 module drawers is possible.
Drawers of 610×470 mm in injection moulded ABS plastic, lightweight yet very sturdy; full-width handle complete with wide label holder and coloured ID tag (available in 9 colours: red, green, yellow, blue, violet, grey, orange, pink and white).
Drawers on mauve plastic frame sliding on ball-bearing rails, fully extendable with self-closing and dampening system; load capacity of 45 kg for each drawer.
Centralized key-lock system for all drawers (as an alternative >>> electronic lock-system).

Worktop, panels and base
Worktop in moulded ABS plastic, with a 48 mm high rim on three sides and smaller frontal anti-drip edging.
Ergonomic push-handle on three sides with rounded corners and edges.

Overbridge available as accessory.

Base in moulded ABS plastic reinforced with a galvanised steel frame, with perimeter bumpers.


Space for 9 modules
This config: 5 FH-Drawers
2x 1 module
2x 2 modules
1x 3 modules

3 shelves
extendable work surface

can be equipped with universal accessory bars

3 universal accessory bars
1 row with 5 small bins
1 row with 4 large bins

Ø 125 mm with double ball bearing, swivelling, non marking and anti thread, 2 with brakes

855 x 594 x 1015 H

300 kg


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