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Leaders in the supply of high-quality equipment for hospitals

High-Quality Hospital Equipment

Standex Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of high-quality equipment for hospitals, nursing and care homes, domiciliary and other care settings. We follow the requirements of the Care Quality Commission and as well as the needs of our clients in the UK and across Europe to source and develop high-quality hospital equipment

Our current product range includes hospital trolleys for a variety of purposes. From medical notes trolleys to IT trolleys, laundry management containers to medication trolleys, and everything in between. In addition to this extensive range, our equipment for hospitals include a variety of trays and tables for surgeons in operating theatres and shelving systems.

The only supplier of Francehopital healthcare products in the UK.

Why Choose to Invest in Medical Equipment with Standex Systems

We manufacture and supply exceptional quality equipment for hospitals and other healthcare settings. Our equipment is built with robust stainless steel and streak-free swivel wheels and comes with many customisations. From the number of draws to colours and accessories for different medical equipment. We also offer free delivery on orders over £500 and provide tailored advice upon calling our team.

Medical Equipment Supplied by Standex Systems

Standex Systems is a leading supplier of medical equipment to health care providers and clinics to enable doctors and other medical professionals to deliver efficient patient care, including surgical procedures.

While we supply durable medical equipment, we do not provide surgical tools or other essential tools. Nonetheless, our medical equipment does include trolleys for patient monitors and other patient monitoring devices, and other technology, including typical a computer system and computer screen.

In addition, our range of medical supplies includes trolleys for medications, trolleys for easy reach of equipment for surgery, and trolleys for emergency rooms dealing with life-threatening situations.