Empathy Doll with 2 Outfits

Empathy Doll with 2 Outfits

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The popularity and acceptance of Empathy Doll Therapy has grown as the benefits have become better understood. Empathy Dolls help encourage emotional well-being because they trigger affection, trust and the natural care instinct.

Holding an Empathy Doll is comforting and soothing, encourages a sense of purpose and helps to bring back happy memories of a family member when they were young.

We have designed our Empathy Doll observing guidelines suggested in research findings. The weight, balance, size and features are designed to encourage users to engage more readily with the doll.

• Our dementia dolls do not cry or make any other noises
• The eyes remain open (research has shown that this is preferred by people with dementia)
• Realistic body size and weight that encourages interaction
• Body length 550m / 21.5″
• Weight approx 1kg / 2.2 lbs
• Clothing can be washed in 40 deg cycle
• Body can be cleaned with a damp cloth

1 x Doll
1 x set of blue clothes
1 x set of pink clothes

Our Empathy Doll comes supplied with both a pink and blue set of clothes, and these can be swapped as required.